Midweek booster: in the search for inspiration

Today I woke up feeling like it was friday, but it’s only wednesday!

Although I’m kinda glad it’s only the middle of the week because I have a lot of work to do still. I’m looking forward to the weekend. 🙂

So to get the wheels spinning, sometimes I go to Pinterest in the search for new projects, for new accessories to buy, or just to look at. Other times I read a good book, or listen to a song, or whatever inspires me to keep on keeping on! Today my doggy was sick, so it was a long morning visiting the vet, from here to there and she is still down. Sad. So I need extra boost for tomorrow.

Here are some things to inspire for the rest of the week!


Hot chai latte! (it was a gift)

Ephesians 3-20

I’m currently admiring Ephesians

Spirit lead me

I’m starting to practice calligraphy!

Yeah home

All pictures were taken from my iPod 🙂

What inspires you to keep on going when the week gets tiring? Do you have a special hobby or place you like for charging up your batteries?


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