the ‘About’ page

Welcome to my collection of thoughts and adventures, this is my journey of making a joyful noise unto the Lord!

Some hard facts about me;

-Joyful-saved sinner (if you want to know more about this check here)

-Have moved locations several times:

  • Born in the Pearl of western México, Guadalajara!!
  • Lived in Hermosillo, Sonora for 5 years, my childhood years.
  • Lived in Santa Clarita for 4 years while I attended College.
  • ‘Lived’ near Jerusalem for a semester during College.
  • ‘Lived’ in Montellano, Puerto Plata in the Dominican Republic for the summer of 2010 teaching English!

-Native language: Spanish, (I had to mention this to vicariously apologize for my lack of vibrant vocabulary and use of “mexican slang in english” rather than proper english idioms)

-Graduated College in 2010 🙂

The story of this blog;

After College, I moved back to my hometown, and after not living there for 4 years, well…things change, I changed…you get the picture.

I’m having to un-dust old things (friendships, places, the language, the life-style…), to get used to smells, sights, flavors; all over-again!  It is a process! And I thank God for taking me through it!

=Quick side-track…Have you heard of homesickness?? well I hadn’t experienced it throughout all this moving around over the past years, it was just now that I started to experience it…That’s when I realized my joy was set on something else than God Himself and all the wondrous deeds He has done for me, without me deserving any of them!!

So I decided to start this blog!

And JOYFULLY I will write, because the title being a good reminder of the imperishable joy I found in my Savior, pushes me to look everything under this light a COLORFUL one!





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