Extreme Makeover: Blog edition

to Him Who is able

So, starting this #NaBloPoMo got me thinking about what it is that I wanted to get out of it.

Did I join to build community, to build an audience, to get more hits, just for fun, to win the mini-ipad or just to be able to go through with it because it seemed like something bloggers should do? Well, I can’t win the mini-ipad because I’m not a US citizen, so we can cross that off and it’s definitely not just for fun, it’s only the second day and I’m struggling to find time to sit down and write. For now I will just say I joined to commit to share more and be constant about it. Like for example, when it gets really hard to go out and run everyday, I sign up for a race to push myself and do it. My goal is not to win, or to improve my PR but simply to do it.

Yesterday and today I have been reviewing my first posts, my ‘about page’, everything…oh my! this is still a baby blog! I think I need some major makeover here, to really shape it. I realized I’ve been all over the place, writing about anything, disappearing for a while…

Somehow entering this challenge introduced me into this huge and active community blogging really is. So I want to take it for what it is. Up until this point my blog had been a one way street, but now I want to open up the conversation, open up dialogue, discussion and interaction.

I still don’t have a definite goal for this challenge, I don’t know if every blogger that joined this month does. But I cannot wait to see where this will lead. I don’t know what God has in store for this little blog, but I’m confident to see it through. (Be expectant of some major changes around here!!)

Hopefully by tomorrow I will write about something more relevant, or I will set up my goals for this monthly project. 🙂

See you tomorrow!

Have you joined #NaBloPoMo yet?

What are some of your motives or goals?


Modest is Hottest

Hey all!

I’m participating in #NaBloPoMo for the very first time ever! no planning, no thinking ahead, just writing whatever the day brings.

Since today is November 1st and the cold season officially kicks off I would like to celebrate!

Celebrate a new month!

Celebrate a new project!

Celebrate cold weather!

Fall/Winter is the season when people are ‘kindly’ forced to dress modestly- I’ll drink to that! Let’s celebrate modesty!

Because a friend of mine told me,

‘Modest is Hottest!’

I believe he is right, and…Ryan Gosling thinks so too! haha

Captura de pantalla 2013-11-01 a la(s) 23.47.12


Here’s to modesty!

Captura de pantalla 2013-11-02 a la(s) 00.06.29


“Christians are wise to remember that modesty is biblically mandated.” ~ Mary K. Mohler


My dad: My hero: My prayer

I have always looked up to my dad.

Specially as a child when my family and I retreated every winter to find summer at the beach. I always knew, when the sun beams made everything turn to gold that’s when we went out for a long walk by the shore to make the days last longer. Hopping and jumping behind my parents’ shadows, my tiny feet looked for the big footprints to follow. Those would keep my feet in solid ground (or sand). From time to time I would get confused and start following someone else’s footprints on the sand and would eventually end up going straight to the water.

Here I am 20 years later playing the same game. Following after my dad because I know he is following our Heavenly Father.

Walking by the sea shore, following on my dad’s footsteps, without a care in the world.

20 years later...following him around Venice

20 years later…following him around Venice

Note: Some family traditions are fun to keep. 🙂

And so this is my prayer for my dad and for my brother. For the men in my family. For those I have come to admire. Men who have made an impact in my life. For the men at my church, for those in my community, men who have had their families for decades and know that it’s not always easy to lead like Christ, for men who are new in this role, for men who are yet to become fathers and husbands, for men who have gone through hard times and know they are weak but found strength in Christ.

Psalm 112

Praise the Lord!
Blessed is the man who fears the Lord,
who greatly delights in his commandments!
2 His offspring will be mighty in the land;
the generation of the upright will be blessed.
3 Wealth and riches are in his house,
and his righteousness endures forever.
4 Light dawns in the darkness for the upright;
he is gracious, merciful, and righteous.
5 It is well with the man who deals generously and lends;
who conducts his affairs with justice.
6 For the righteous will never be moved;
he will be remembered forever.
7 He is not afraid of bad news;
his heart is firm, trusting in the Lord.
8 His heart is steady; he will not be afraid,
until he looks in triumph on his adversaries.
9 He has distributed freely; he has given to the poor;
his righteousness endures forever;
his horn is exalted in honor.
10 The wicked man sees it and is angry;
he gnashes his teeth and melts away;
the desire of the wicked will perish!


·· Joy on display ··

Sorrowful moments turned sweet,

Anguishing thoughts vanish into graceful walking,

When knowing ourselves been lavished on Grace upon Grace,

The flickering souls rejoice!

Holding fast of the ever so prompt blessing:

Fit in size, quantity and depth.

Now looking forward,

Armed with a fearless stride being able to distinguish the colorful path laid before it,

by the One who patiently withholds the secrets to this riddle,

which makes perfect sounds when it rings eternity chords!

..So we might live in joy for Him

..So we might live in joy for Him


A fun journey of fear and love

A Confederacy of Spinsters

My paranoia runs deep. I doubt this comes as any surprise to you, kittens. A girl who is afraid of Australia, for Christ’s sake, is bound to have some issues. I also won’t go camping without skewers (oleander poisoning), don’t like the swing rides at amusement parks (dangling wires cutting off unsuspecting extremities), and have single-handedly ruined my friends’ love of mushrooms (carcinogens). What I didn’t realize until recently is that my paranoia invades my love life, as well.

Okay, let’s be real. It’s not paranoia, is it? It’s fear. Fear of this, fear of that. Fear that actually comes off as charmingly well-informed and idiosyncratic in most cases. Once I explain the existence of a deadly fish that looks like a freaking rock, don’t you have some reservations about that Down Under vacation? I can logic the hell out of any emotion. It’s the scientist in me.

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A decision of love

To love people is to trust the Creator. He gently keeps time and creation in His hands.

An ode to losing control and letting God surprise you with His wonderful deeds of love.

Daily living demands interactions with strangers, acquaintances, relatives, loved ones; each one of those opportunities should be taken for what they are. A crack in the door, an opening of a window to let people into our lives, to shed the light of true love that holds no grudges, requires no conditions, self-giving, free. Because you have been offered the same kind of love by the One who gave everything up for the love of His Father.

To all my loved ones,

I don’t love you because of your past, but I know that because of it you are the person I cherish.

My affection is not dependent on your future.

I love you right now because of who you have become.

So I thank your past and hope in your future.

May you continue to become more like the Lord of your present, the Savior of your past and the Holder of your future.