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Infographic tryout

Decided to explore the INFOGRAPHIC world a little.

I am absolutely captivated by this awesome tool. Inforgraphics address the need of our information-saturated society to digest data, in a brilliantly manner.

There are several web-tools for making your own info graphic, if you are not a designer, that is. The one I used this time is:

So I just picked something I could graph about my life and what first came to my mind was….the kilometers I traveled last year. By the way while I was doing it, I realized I had taken a trip almost once a month! Considering that each trip was 5-6 days long, that means 1/6th of the year I was away from home! This is crazy!!..ok moving on…

Steps to Info-graph:

  1. Do some research
  2. Choose one of the designs they offer
  3. Enjoy the result 🙂

You can check it out on the link below!


··Europe Trip post #2: Visit VENEZIA··

In FALL 2011 part of the TAMEZ family decided to escape life.

So a self-served ITALIA TOUR was bound to happen.

Remember this post: “Europe Trip post #1: a new take on life”

I had never been to Europe before so this was thrilling. Very soon I started to plan what clothes should I take that would be fit for the weather, for the long-exposed walks, and that would harmonize with the embellished atmosphere. Amongst all the other planing I also started to look up pictures of the places we would visit, as I’ve always thought: an expert knows where the boundaries are, and skillfully knows how to go beyond them; now I’m no expert on photography, not even European Photography but I wanted to get drenched as much as I could so my mind wouldn’t go blank in such precious and valuable time.

You don’t take a photograph, you make it

-Ansel Adams

From all the trends and creative angles the most famous sightings have been photographed I decided to go for a more alternative option: STOP MOTION

It would take TIME, DILIGENCE, and CREATIVITY on the spot 24/7

And boy let me tell you, at times it was uncomfortable, taking out my big CANON out in the middle of a rainy day, carrying my umbrella on one hand and juggling the map, tickets and  purse on the other. [This is when family comes in handy! no pun intended 🙂 ]

Other times it was really fun and liberating, photography felt more honest, without a lot of posing! (even though there was some!)

Diligence proved itself near the end of the trip. It had been the longest vacation trip I had taken, it almost felt unreal, and by the end we ALL were exhausted, even my love of taking pictures. But pictures were made nevertheless, and I am ever grateful for the memories that even pictures cannot express.

So this is the first stop-motion video along with a fun beat that brings it to life!

I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making the pictures and the video!

I’ve been having trouble embedding the video so…To watch it click the link below:

[Venezia] Wander-ful E U R O P E 2011


Europe Trip post #1: A new take on life…

It has been a while since the last entry, but there is a good reason…


my family and I went to a Europe trip a couple of weeks ago, and as we were immersed in such beauty, art all over, enchanting details and breath-taking ceilings…I thought…

everyone says life is a journey, I can see that…but somehow this makes life about ‘self’ where ‘self’ comes from, where ‘self’ goes, etc

for the first time I saw life as a [museum walk] where,

it’s not about the beautiful paintings,

it’s not about feeling transported to another realm,

or about the glamour of the atmosphere,

everything is about The Creator!

The one who gave us eyes to see His beauty displayed on earth,

and enjoy it altogether.

He gave us hands so we could touch others in a way that would make them look back to Him,

God made this Earth, and He put man in it.

Admiring His handiwork encourages us to delight ourselves in Him, fully.

“Taste and See the Lord is Good” Ps. 34:8

I hope you can get a taste of what this trip was from these images!

flare in my dream

flare in my dream

100€ worth picture

100€ worth picture

Love is in the air

Love is in the air



La mia vita nel Rosa

La mia vita nel Rosa

On a nice train ride back home, a foggy blue sky to enjoy

On a nice train ride back home, a foggy blue sky to enjoy

Falling yellow leafs, filled up the streets

Falling yellow leafs, filled up the streets

These were only days 14 (Venezia) & 15 (Verona). The rest(best) is yet to come!