··Europe Trip post #2: Visit VENEZIA··

In FALL 2011 part of the TAMEZ family decided to escape life.

So a self-served ITALIA TOUR was bound to happen.

Remember this post: “Europe Trip post #1: a new take on life”

I had never been to Europe before so this was thrilling. Very soon I started to plan what clothes should I take that would be fit for the weather, for the long-exposed walks, and that would harmonize with the embellished atmosphere. Amongst all the other planing I also started to look up pictures of the places we would visit, as I’ve always thought: an expert knows where the boundaries are, and skillfully knows how to go beyond them; now I’m no expert on photography, not even European Photography but I wanted to get drenched as much as I could so my mind wouldn’t go blank in such precious and valuable time.

You don’t take a photograph, you make it

-Ansel Adams

From all the trends and creative angles the most famous sightings have been photographed I decided to go for a more alternative option: STOP MOTION

It would take TIME, DILIGENCE, and CREATIVITY on the spot 24/7

And boy let me tell you, at times it was uncomfortable, taking out my big CANON out in the middle of a rainy day, carrying my umbrella on one hand and juggling the map, tickets and  purse on the other. [This is when family comes in handy! no pun intended 🙂 ]

Other times it was really fun and liberating, photography felt more honest, without a lot of posing! (even though there was some!)

Diligence proved itself near the end of the trip. It had been the longest vacation trip I had taken, it almost felt unreal, and by the end we ALL were exhausted, even my love of taking pictures. But pictures were made nevertheless, and I am ever grateful for the memories that even pictures cannot express.

So this is the first stop-motion video along with a fun beat that brings it to life!

I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making the pictures and the video!

I’ve been having trouble embedding the video so…To watch it click the link below:

[Venezia] Wander-ful E U R O P E 2011


:: A W E S T R U C K ::

||A w e s t r u c k|| is how I feel right now.

For a while I’ve been closing my eyes, holding my breath; hiding away from any strong emotions that would fix my eyes to this life.

Enjoying life more than enjoying God is a scary thing, and a dead end in itself. But on my feeble attempt to avoid this, I failed.

‘Getting joy out of life’ and ‘living with joy’ are two very different things, despite the obvious, somewhere along the line these two concepts got blurry and mixed up.

Two things ||A W E|| me most, the starry sky above me and the moral law within me.

Immanuel Kant

He who can no longer pause to wonder and stand rapt in ||A W E||, is as good as dead; his eyes are closed

Albert Einstein

God and His deeds are A W E-some! I can only stand in wonder!

I love how His Word is refreshing for our soul, renews our mind, gives joy to the heart and light to the eyes! [Psalm 19]

So I’ll stand with arms high and heart abandoned

In A W E of the One who gave it all

-Hillsong, The Stand


Creative[[ness]] 101

In ancient times people wondered about this which we still cannot grasp. “CREATIVITY”

I mean..where does it come from?? where does it go?? how does it take shape?? who is the best at it??(if there is such thing as being a good creative!)

Then “Muses” came into being! An almost perfect explanation for the source of imagination! There are too many of them.. one for every kind of art, way of life, for every created thing (humanly speaking)…So really where does it come from?? the question remains unanswered. Thankfully imagination is still let loose!

I just know that God’s creation, life, things, experiences, anything that our senses feed us can inspire us and I love life for this very reason. It’s a way to reflect things back at Him and lay open before people to see, taste, touch, hear and smell.

Having said all this rambling…let me share this cute list of 29 ways to stay creative just some ideas to keep feeding your creativeness all-the-while enjoying the surrounding world..Hope you like it!


is it [warm] enough..

for this???


Guadalajara is so hot lately, it’s hard to concentrate..

that’s why i’m excited to show you these fun and stylish Decorated popsicles which are the best way to stay cool this summer..

with endless options of fun flavors, colors, textures..they can only add to the mood of a great party..reunion..or even just a regular meal..

so stir up your imagination, mix and share your summer away!!


{crave MANGO}

this season MANGO nailed down the flowy and pale taste I was craving for..

rain is a perfect companion for this feel and I could not help but fall in love with it!

song that goes with this ‘nostalgic but clever’ look: BEAUTIFUL-by Triangle Sun under your favourite roof, with person of your choice!!

check some of the dresses out (click the image to enlarge):



yellow rose

I’ve been putting this off as long as I could. I can no longer.

closing a chapter sometimes comes abruptly.

for my family and I this goodbye was made known long ago.

as time passed my grandma’s pain progressed.

her longing to be in the presence of God increased also.

I am very glad God allowed us to say our goodbye’s, to be by her side until yellow roses vanished with teary eyes.

thank You Lord, for the reminder of death, and the comfort You offer to those who call upon Your name.       teach us to live as wise not as unwise, making the best use of time because the days are evil, guide us in our daily walk so that it’d be worthy of the calling to which You have called us, with all humility and gentleness, with patience, bearing with one another in love, eager to maintain the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace.