Welcome back, to me!!

Is 17 months enough of slacking? I think so!

I’m back and ready to post my mind out, although I’m now into other projects which I will write about later, I want to post this link which was kindly shared with me. Since this blogosphere is based on community and sharing and openness, I’ll hurl my way back in by honoring these mantras.

My last post (Nov. 2013) -I know, I know- I was talking about ANXIETY and how I decided to put on JOY to my days instead. Since then I can honestly say I’ve gotten better at choosing not to be anxious, but still need to work on the putting on JOY part.

So a kind reader found my long lost post and shared this cool insightful #infogram with me:

Recognizing Anxiety: Symptoms, Signs and Risk Factors

It’s a good read and I just love infographics, so I’ll leave you to it!

Until next time!

How are you doing with ANXIETY these days?