Fighting for Modesty

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I know I already said last friday about Fall season making people wear modest clothes, but I don’t think it should stop there!

Modesty can be worn all-year-round.

Even though it is not praised by society now-a-days, it is worth fighting for! I respect and appreciate celebs when I see them respecting men and themselves in such a fashion. It says a lot about them and set’s a good example for other girls. And I say fight because I’m in it myself!

When you have to spend hours and hours going from store to store trying on piles of clothes too transparent or too tight. When you grab a shirt that turns out to be a dress or some skirts that look like they could be belts! You put those clothes on and wonder how many more layers will you have to buy until you finally feel dressed. Hanger after hanger, shop after shop, it can get discouraging. I mean, it’s almost as if the fashion industry had a lack of fabric material!

This is the battle. It requires patience, creativity and being persistent.

At least this is what I go through every time I go shopping. (Am I alone in this?) And I love shopping, I love fashion and trying new things, so I know the drill pretty well. But it is a struggle not to fall into the pattern, not to conform into this world’s image of a woman. Although it definitely makes you more resilient for what you believe, after all, you wear your belief system, your convictions, your theology.

Modesty doesn’t just happen, it has to be thought of – it’s a choice!

Every now and then I would find a new and exciting piece, something that would steal my heart and be completely modest! Oh what a happy feeling! It makes the quest worth it.

So do you think all this is worth it? or is it overreacting?

Are you in the same battle? would you encourage others to keep fighting for modesty? why?

Captura de pantalla 2013-11-01 a la(s) 23.47.00

I’m currently loving the midi rings and ankle booties! 🙂 a must this season!


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