A short survival to-do list: In case of winning the Lottery


girl: “YES! You won!”

guy: (internal 10-sec-monologue) “who? me? but how? wow! this gotta be a dream! OH NO! Omgosh, terrifying flying papers, yep it’s real! I can’t believe it!!!”

Well, at least that’s how I would have reacted if I had won the lottery! How would you handle such a big surprise, specially in front of so many people? He did a pretty good job, don’t you think? But seriously, what do people do after having won something as life-changing as this? Personally, I think it is vital to know what to do after something wonderful like that happens, and here’s why…

Now, I realize winning the lottery is rare, it just doesn’t happen to everyone, and it certainly hasn’t happened to me (yet). Tragic, I know, but I still had to face a similar situation. The only difference is that I won something immensely better than a couple million dollars. LOVE.

To be honest, love is beyond compare, it makes you feel the richest man alive, even richer than Carlos Slim Helu,
because your fortune is not monetary, it doesn’t fade away. You don’t spend love, you just love, and love never ends. (1 Corinthians 13)

So, my true intentions come out at last. I have to admit, I never meant to write about life after winning the lottery. It’s just that there are very few experiences in life that make you feel surprised, terrified and fabulous all at the same time! Finding love is such a wonderful thing, worthy to be treasured. Just as if you had won a multimillion dollar prize because…

“Who being loved is poor!”

Oscar Wilde

If you do, say, feel, accomplish something, whatever it is, you only care for what the other person thinks, or if they like it too…Problems seem less important, you have their trust, their love, their attention and nothing else matters. This kind of love is great too, but it’s not what I’m talking about either. The love that makes me feel like I’ve won the lottery every single day is the kind Jesus gives. I know it sounds ridiculous, who could possibly win the lottery every day? Crazy, right? Well, His love is the same, it’s just ridiculous how much He loves, no one can measure the width, depth, height or length of His love. It surpasses all knowledge.

So with confidence I can say I’m rich, Jesus’ love makes me rich!

If I have nothing else, but His love, I have everything I need, everything I could ever want. Sadly, as a flawed human being, this excitement fades away if I don’t keep reminding myself of what a great gift I’ve been given. Just as when your favorite soccer team wins, or when you win a car from your local department store’s raffle. At first you are very excited out-of-your-mind, but then as a better more important game comes up, or a new model of the car you won is out, the one you have looses your interest. I am well aware that no one will expect you to live as the richest most lucky person in the world if you only win a soccer tournament, right? The happiness you get from something you won is directly proportional to the object itself. That’s why I feel silly by daring to compare God’s love to winning a car or even the lottery, but it happens, we forget how infinite God’s love is and I’m guilty of that. I suffer from amnesia. This is why it is important to know how to live according to what we have been given, because it is life changing. God’s love is never ending, our joy should be the same way. God’s love is not selfish, our lives should be selfless. God’s love is patient and kind…so on and so forth.

In short, here is a simple survival list to appreciate God’s love daily and live accordingly in case you suffer from amnesia like I do: (or in case you win the lottery, whichever comes first 🙂 )

  1. Freak out!  – it’s totally understandable.
  2. Be thankful. Always.
  3. Remind yourself daily, so you would never ever forget what you won.
  4. Consider you are still not immune to bad things happening in your life.
  5. Don’t be shy about it, tell everyone who asks and share accordingly!

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