Here to win:: Running with the end in mind

I know it has been a while since my last #HereToWin post, and here is my honest explanation for that: I  just simply stopped running. 🙂

After the half marathon last year, I took a little break from running an-hour-a-day, besides I was trying something new too…AERIAL DANCE! And let me tell you, it stole my heart! It’s one thing to do art with your hands like writing, painting, making sculptures, or even with your voice like singing, but using your whole body to make art is a whole different thing. Anyways, back to running…

This year I signed up for 10 races – one every month or so -, and these don’t include the ones I usually love running in. I’m hoping this will keep me accountable with my running. So at the end of the year I know I will have run at least 10 races and put on a few more miles than usual to my running shoes…exciting…I know!! haha

But seriously, that’s all I know!

I don’t know how hard they will be, I don’t know if I will get injured, or if I will feel like dying in some or like I’m flying in some others. I do not know what will happen until the very last one is done, and I am totally fine with that! Let me explain…

Have you ever been in a race before? Have you been in a race where you knew exactly when the big curve would hit in, or when the beastly hill was coming up? I have. Knowing what will come next made me save up energy for that undesirable hill, or dread that long steep downhill. And at the end of the race I would always have extra energy, because I was always saving up and being careful because I knew there were a lot more turns ahead. This as a runner is very frustrating, ending up with enough strength to run it again but better this time. Yeah, not the best feeling in the world, to know you could have done better.

If you have been in this blog long enough, you can recall that I see life as a race. A race in which you do not know what is coming up, I mean you are planning on finishing and finishing well. But the little bumps, hills, and obstacles that are up ahead remain unknown to you, until you have to face them. A little like the game Age of Empires when you haven’t discovered your territory.



As much as my curiosity wants to convince me otherwise, I love not knowing! That way you are more likely to treat every moment, every step of the race as the very last one, because it might as well be the last one. In life too, we do not know when this uphill will end, or when we will have to stop, but God gives us “strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow”. He gives grace in the time of need!

So in whatever stage of the race we might be in, let’s give our best, treat it as the last one, so in the end we can be sure we held nothing back and say:

no regrets


P.S. Here is a picture of me and my sister at the end of the 6k race last sunday! Race number 2 out of 10!



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