Thankful Thursday: Friends who stick

Honestly when you are undergoing a great deal of pain, -pain from the heart- you get suffocated by talking to people even by thinking and breathing on your own. So when a friend comes and tries to talk, be with you, get you out of bed to see the sun light again…you are all like…


…am I right? at least it is true for me haha

Mourning and grieving is natural, it’s personal! But it’s easier if shared with someone who cares! (Galatians 6:2) Just like Pastor Bill said after loosing his wife to 8 yrs of fighting cancer,

I mean, I’m grateful for the friends who would say, “Do you want me to come over?” I’d go, “No,” and they’d go, “Okay, I’ll be there in an hour,” you know? And just imposed themselves into my life, and brought rails that I would’ve run off of, you know? So, community rescued me, yeah. -Pastor Bill (From Real Marriage Sermons, Week 11)

That’s why today I’m thankful beyond words to God for sending friends who stick closer than a brother (Proverbs 18:24). It is refreshing for the soul to weep with someone, to be listened to, to pray together, to be encouraged, to share silence and even by having them insist on  going out when you least feel like it! I’m so grateful for such friendships and I pray that I can be a friend when needed. To be able to look at other people’s needs and share that moment of silence with them, make them smile, make them look outside of themselves and keep going!

So thank you for asking, thank you for not asking. Thank you for sharing and understanding, for pursuing our friendship and giving time to heal. Thank you for crying, thank you for smiling. 🙂

Happy Thursday!


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