A decision of love

To love people is to trust the Creator. He gently keeps time and creation in His hands.

An ode to losing control and letting God surprise you with His wonderful deeds of love.

Daily living demands interactions with strangers, acquaintances, relatives, loved ones; each one of those opportunities should be taken for what they are. A crack in the door, an opening of a window to let people into our lives, to shed the light of true love that holds no grudges, requires no conditions, self-giving, free. Because you have been offered the same kind of love by the One who gave everything up for the love of His Father.

To all my loved ones,

I don’t love you because of your past, but I know that because of it you are the person I cherish.

My affection is not dependent on your future.

I love you right now because of who you have become.

So I thank your past and hope in your future.

May you continue to become more like the Lord of your present, the Savior of your past and the Holder of your future.


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