Here to Win: June

Well June is almost over…which means, the olympics are almost here (wishing I could teleport myself to London, but I’ll be happy to watch them from Guadalajara 😀 )…which also means, we are half way done with 2012! which means…this December-Marathon’s count-down is effective as of this past June 9th! AAAA!

Lots going on, and yet lots to be done!

Now, I don’t want to get too ahead of myself, so getting back on track for this #HereToWin series…JUNE is the beginning of this year-long running-follow-up so it had to be something basic, and important that would help set the tone…


This also is why I didn’t blog earlier. Some days it gets so busy that it comes down to…”sleep enough hours to run tomorrow and still be alive the rest of the day” or “blog about the running, not getting enough sleep, die the next morning, and recover in a week, while running poorly or not at all”. This dilemma was easy to solve…I believe a good blog worth following, is the one accompanied by a life-style that supports its content. So you get the picture…I was just staying true to my plan…

Although I must add this..June came with big challenges. A change in routine can be a big challenge for me to keep running and sleeping the way I plan to, and so far I can say I survived one trip two weeks ago, but there is still one more to go before the end of this month. So by the grace of God, focusing on one day at a time, He, being rich in grace, will allow me to carry on with whatever would please Him during my day.

The biggest challenge among these two focuses this month is, SLEEP.

It’s just hard, life is busy…(I could go on and on but I chose not to). There will always be something else to be done, to go, to see, eat…ALWAYS! It’s just a matter of choosing, so more than exercising my ability to SLEEP, I was just practicing my ability to choose right, to make the better decision, organize my time better, etc!

So far I’ve got to SLEEP from 6-7 hours daily, my goal-not just for this month but for the rest of the year -is to SLEEP 7-8 hours each day. I want this to become a habit, meanwhile I know I have to continue working hard at making myself unplug from the day and JUST GO TO SLEEP!

As to the BASE MILEAGE, I am running 5k during the work days, and 10-14 k on Saturdays, mixing it with intervals, fast pace some days, others feel good run etc. Every Saturday I’m increasing 1 or 2 k, depending on the week’s pace, and how worn out I end up by Friday (this is why SLEEP is of extreme importance)!

I know these two things I chose for June are not just for this month, since I have to keep preparing for the Marathon, so my aim is to make it a habit, and to get used to running long distances!

Let’s keep up the good run!

Do you not know that in a race all the runners run, but only one gets the prize? Run in such a way as to get the prize. ··1 Corinthians 9.24

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