··Europe Trip post #2: Visit VENEZIA··

In FALL 2011 part of the TAMEZ family decided to escape life.

So a self-served ITALIA TOUR was bound to happen.

Remember this post: “Europe Trip post #1: a new take on life”

I had never been to Europe before so this was thrilling. Very soon I started to plan what clothes should I take that would be fit for the weather, for the long-exposed walks, and that would harmonize with the embellished atmosphere. Amongst all the other planing I also started to look up pictures of the places we would visit, as I’ve always thought: an expert knows where the boundaries are, and skillfully knows how to go beyond them; now I’m no expert on photography, not even European Photography but I wanted to get drenched as much as I could so my mind wouldn’t go blank in such precious and valuable time.

You don’t take a photograph, you make it

-Ansel Adams

From all the trends and creative angles the most famous sightings have been photographed I decided to go for a more alternative option: STOP MOTION

It would take TIME, DILIGENCE, and CREATIVITY on the spot 24/7

And boy let me tell you, at times it was uncomfortable, taking out my big CANON out in the middle of a rainy day, carrying my umbrella on one hand and juggling the map, tickets and  purse on the other. [This is when family comes in handy! no pun intended 🙂 ]

Other times it was really fun and liberating, photography felt more honest, without a lot of posing! (even though there was some!)

Diligence proved itself near the end of the trip. It had been the longest vacation trip I had taken, it almost felt unreal, and by the end we ALL were exhausted, even my love of taking pictures. But pictures were made nevertheless, and I am ever grateful for the memories that even pictures cannot express.

So this is the first stop-motion video along with a fun beat that brings it to life!

I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making the pictures and the video!

I’ve been having trouble embedding the video so…To watch it click the link below:

[Venezia] Wander-ful E U R O P E 2011


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