Creative[[ness]] 101

In ancient times people wondered about this which we still cannot grasp. “CREATIVITY”

I mean..where does it come from?? where does it go?? how does it take shape?? who is the best at it??(if there is such thing as being a good creative!)

Then “Muses” came into being! An almost perfect explanation for the source of imagination! There are too many of them.. one for every kind of art, way of life, for every created thing (humanly speaking)…So really where does it come from?? the question remains unanswered. Thankfully imagination is still let loose!

I just know that God’s creation, life, things, experiences, anything that our senses feed us can inspire us and I love life for this very reason. It’s a way to reflect things back at Him and lay open before people to see, taste, touch, hear and smell.

Having said all this rambling…let me share this cute list of 29 ways to stay creative just some ideas to keep feeding your creativeness all-the-while enjoying the surrounding world..Hope you like it!


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